2013 Notice of Race


Notice of Race for the LCYC Club Series & Manitoulin Trophy

1.  Management

Little Current Yacht Club is the organizing authority of the 2013 LCYC Race Series (Race) and has appointed the Little Current Yacht Club Local Race Committee (Race Committee) to conduct the Races and related activities.  The Race Committee has the authority to interpret the rules and conditions of each Race and to reject the entry of any boat at any time before the start of each Race.  The Cooper Cup Race will start on June 22, 2013; the Eaton Cup on June 23, 2013; the Centis Cup on July 6, 2013; the Bousquet Challenge on September 7, 2013; and the Anchor Inn/Labatts Fall Classic on September 8, 2013.  The fleet will be divided into divisions and classes according to rating/handicap and other factors at the discretion of the Race Committee.

2. Rules

RRS3: Acceptance of the rules:

By participating in a race conducted under these racing rules, each competitor and boat owner agrees to be governed by the rules.

The Race shall be governed by the “rules” as defined in the current Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013-2016 (RRS), which include the following (except as changed by the Sailing Instructions): 

a.) The prescriptions of the Canadian Yachting Association. 
b.) This Notice and Conditions of Race (Notice of Race). 
c.) The Sailing Instructions and any amendments.
d.) The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. 
e.) Applicable Canadian Coast Guard Rules and Regulations.

f.) Starts will be held in accordance with rule RRS# 26.

g.) Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) rules as administered by the Race Committee, using Lake Huron PHRF or a national average, as published on-line, and applying the credits for roller furling, fixed prop, etc. as found on our PHRF rating sheet.  

3.  Responsibilities of Skipper and Crew

a.) Little Current Yacht Club, its officers and members, the members of the Race Committee and sponsors shall not be liable for any loss of life, injury to persons or damage to property that may occur during or related to the Race. NOTE: See RRS-4 decision to race in racing rules of sailing.

b.) As used in the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions, the term “Skipper” means the person who is designated on the Entry Form as “Skipper” and who is in charge of the boat, whether or not the owner.  

c.) The safety of a boat and its crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the Skipper, who must insure that the boat is fully sound, thoroughly seaworthy and sailed by an experienced and physically fit crew.  The Skipper must be satisfied with the soundness of the hull, spars, rigging, sails and gear and must insure that all equipment is properly maintained and stowed and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be used.  

d.) Little Current Yacht Club strongly recommends (but does not require) that all personnel on deck wear personal flotation when starting and finishing without exception, and at all other times except when the Skipper of the boat directs that it may be set aside.  Competitors are reminded that it is the competitor’s individual responsibility for wearing personal buoyancy adequate for the conditions (RRS 1.2) and that each boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing (RRS 4).  Competitors are required to notify the Race Committee at the earliest opportunity if the boat withdraws from the Race on VHF channel 80.

e.) Due to the nature of the waters we sail, it is the responsibility of the skipper to use sound judgment and accurate navigation to avoid the shoals that are adjacent to our racing area. The Little Current Yacht Club will not be responsible for poor navigation.

 4.  Conduct

The Skipper shall be responsible for the conduct of the crew before, during and after the race.  In the event of a serious breach of conduct, the destruction of property or the failure to comply with a reasonable request of the Race Committee, the Race Committee may request that the Protest Committee act under RRS 69.1. 

5.  Eligibility

All entrants who are not members of a CYA/OSA sanctioned club must pay a $22 per season Maple Leaf membership fee to meet our insurance requirements. This fee can be collected by our club and will be forwarded to the OSA.

To be eligible, boats must be of a seaworthy offshore type, at least 22 feet LOA with accommodations and equipment in accordance with Equipment Requirements and have a permanently installed inboard engine fitted with a propeller or an outboard motor that must remain mounted in its normal operating position throughout the race.

Division I – Spinnaker/Gennaker

It is expected that there will be one cruising class, which will be scored using the PHRF handicap system with either symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnakers or gennakers.  Class splits will be handed out at the Skipper’s meeting.

Boats in the cruising division are subject to the following limitations:

* Use either an asymmetrical or a standard spinnaker; you cannot use both.

* Headsails must be flown hanked to the headstay or in the headstay groove except that asymmetrical spinnakers may be flown as provided below.

* Staysails may not be flown on sloop-rigged boats.  Other boats may fly a staysail in the foretriangle provided that the combined areas of the staysail and the headsail do not exceed the maximum LP stated on the boat’s “PHRF Application Questionnaire for Cruising Boats and boats without PHRF Certificates”.

* If a roller-furler credit is given:

  - all headsails must be cut for the roller-furler;

  - the roller-furler must be used throughout the race; and

  - during headsail changes, the old sail must be dropped to the deck and the new sail then put on the roller-furler and hoisted. 

* Asymmetrical spinnakers may be flown provided they

  (i) are flown without a whisker or spinnaker pole and

  (ii) are attached to a tack point or are attached to a tack line that is led to a tack point that is no more than 12 inches fore or aft of the jib tack. 

* Whisker or spinnaker poles may be used only for headsails or symmetrical spinnakers.

Division II – Jib and Main (JAM)

The Jib and Main class will have the same requirements as shown above for Division I, except spinnakers and gennakers will not be allowed, for the purposes of handicapping White Sail boats will use their JAM rating.

6.  Entry

The Race Committee must receive the following items before the race:

* Completed Entry Form and non-refundable entry fee as per the race fee schedule. 

* Copy of the boat’s current valid Lake Huron PHRF certificate unless previously designated by LCYC.

* For boats without a valid 2013 PHRF certificate, a completed application must be submitted and any race result will be pending receipt of Lake Huron PHRF Certificate.

7.  Registration

The Skipper of each boat or a representative with the Skipper’s written authorization shall register the boat at the Skipper’s meeting.

Fees: The cost for each individual race will be $25 for members and $40 for non-members.  If you pre-register for all five (5) races before the start of the season, the cost will be $75 for members only.

The Race Committee can be reached on VHF channel 80.   

8.  Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions for each race will be distributed at Skippers' meeting and, if able, by email prior to each race. Skippers' meetings for the Cooper Cup and Bousquet Challenge will be held Saturday morning at 8 am at LCYC clubhouse. The Skippers' meetings for the Eaton Cup and Anchor Inn/Labatt Fall Classic shall immediately follow dinner at the Cooper Cup and Bousquet Challenge.

9.  Course   

The course and the exact start and finish locations will be included with the sailing instructions for each race. 

10.  Courtesy Broadcasts

An unofficial designated observer may report all visual signals displayed by the Race Committee over VHF radio channel 80.  Information so reported is provided as a courtesy to competitors and does not alter the competitors’ responsibility to observe the Race Committee’s visual signals, which govern the conduct of the race.  Errors or omissions by the observer, or a competitor’s failure to hear an observer’s report, will not be grounds for granting redress.

11.  Individual Recalls

In addition to signaling in accordance RRS 29.1, the Race Committee may hail, or announce by VHF radio channel 80, the sail numbers of boats subject to individual recall.  The failure to do so, an incorrect or late hail or announcement, or the order in which sail numbers are hailed or announced shall not be grounds for redress.  This changes RRS 62.1.

12.  Scoring

Each boat shall be ranked by her corrected time in division and class.  The boat with the lowest corrected time wins.  Handicaps will be figured using nautical miles.

PHRF: Time allowances of PHRF boats will be calculated on a time-on-distance basis.

13.  Protests and Alternative Penalties

a.) There will be a Protest Committee constituted in compliance with RRS Appendix M. 
b.)  RRS 44.1 and RRS 44.2 shall apply, 

RRS 44.1 Taking a Penalty   “A boat that may have broken a rule of Part 2 while racing may take a penalty at the time of the incident.  Her penalty shall be a Two-Turns Penalty unless the sailing instructions specify the use of the Scoring Penalty or some other penalty.  However, if she caused injury or serious damage or gained a significant advantage in the race or series by her breach her penalty shall be to retire.”

RRS 44.2 Two Turns Penalty  “After getting well clear of other boats as soon after the incident as possible, a boat takes a Two-Turns Penalty by promptly making two turns in the same direction, including two tack and two gybes.  When a boat takes the penalty at or near the finishing line, she shall sail completely to the course side of the line before finishing.”

c.) Penalties imposed by the Protest Committee include disqualification, but in lieu of disqualification, the Protest Committee may penalize a boat by an amount that the Protest Committee deems appropriate.

d.) Protests must be submitted in writing on the protest form provided and must be received by a race official or the race chair within 60 minutes of the results being posted at the club house.

14.  Flag Ceremony/Awards Dinner

* The Flag ceremony will be held no earlier than 60 minutes after the posting of the results. Details of award presentation and if applicable dinner time and location will be communicated by email and at the skippers' meeting.  

* Flags will be awarded after each race to boats in each class on the following basis: 

   1st for three boats, 1st and 2nd for five boats, or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for seven or more boats in class.

*The Manitoulin Island “Boat of the Year” trophy will be awarded at the end of the season to the boat with the best performance in 4 out of 5 races.  If a boat sails all five races, the best four finishes will be used in the calculation. The Cox-Sprague scoring system shall be used to determine points for the calculation.

15.  Website and E-mail

Competitors are required to supply a working e-mail address on the Entry Form as a condition to entry in the race or it will be each competitor’s responsibility to contact the Race Committee for changes made to a race.

The Race Committee will attempt (but not be obligated) to notify each competitor of amendments to the Notice of Race and/or the Sailing Instructions by e-mail to the address so supplied.

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