2015 CANSail


LCYC CANSail 2015 

The CANSail program for the 2015 season will be posting information regarding lesson, dates, and times very soon. Information regarding the instructors will also be posted so please check back  for updates.

For further information contact Tracey Chapman

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2015 LCYC CANSail 

The Little Current Yacht Cub, under the direction of the Canadian Yachting Association, is offering the 2015 CANSail program. If you wish information of a CANSail program in your area or to register for sailing lessons click here. This will make it easier for us all!


Why the change to CANSail?
In 2012, the Canadian Yachting Association (now Sail Canada) launched the new CANSail Learn-to-Sail Program. The CANSaildinghy programming was developed under the framework of Long Term Sailor Development, and has been designed with the sailor’s age and developmental stage in mind. CANSail programming is designed to be a set of progressive Learn-to-Sail standards focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. The CANSail system allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidate key skills before adding more complex skills. 
CANSail Dinghy Program
CANSail Wet Feet
Young sailors have fun and learn skills such as safety, rigging, balance, steering and sail trim.
CANSail 1
New sailors learn how to properly trim sails and perform basic maneuvers such as tacking and gybing. Sailors also learn basic safety skills, such as capsize recovery and towing.
CANSail 2
Sailors learn to identify wind direction, steer a set course (tacking and gybing), and keep a boat balanced. Physical flexibility is also practiced, as well as seamanship and safety skills.
CANSail 3

Sailing skills are further refined, and new skills are introduced, such as sailing by the lee and sailing backwards. Sailing right of way rules are also introduced, as well as racing fundamentals.

CANSail 4
Sailors practice advanced sailing skills such as planing and surfing, adjusting sail controls and boat acceleration. Sailors are encouraged to get involved in their larger sailing community.
CANSail Chutes & Wires 1
Sailors are introduced to spinnaker and trapeze. Skills include gybing and dousing spinnaker, as well as proper body positions and trapeze movements.
CANSail Chutes & Wires 2
Sailors work on maximizing speed using spinnaker and trapeze. Advanced maneuvers are learned, such as wire to wire tacks. Safety, strategy, sail repair and physical fitness are emphasized.



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